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Seashell Poly Mailer 10x13

Seashell Poly Mailer 10x13

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No more boring shipping packages. Poly Mailers turn your orders into exciting and fun mail for your customers!! We have a variety of designs to choose from to help fit your personality and brand.
  • 10x13 - Perfect size for shipping a few shirts at a time!!
  • Poly Mailers REDUCE shipping costs!! Not only do they weigh less, mail carriers don't consider them a 3D boxed package!!
  • Unsurpassed Water & Tear Resistance - Superior side seams combined with Heavy Duty polyethylene make these High Quality envelopes highly resistant to water, punctures, and tears
  • Pressure sensitive self seal - Easy packing, tamper-evident, and super secure closure
  • Light Weight & Time Saving - Lower shipping costs combined with faster shipment preparation equal big savings over other packaging option
  • 100% recyclable

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